Friday, 8 October 2010

Juliette without a Romeo

Yeah, I am sad. I'm not desperate or anything, but just having a drama-less guy would be great right? Right. Sometimes when you just want a hug *poof* he would be there for you. I hate drama, and I hate immaturity it drives me up the wall. Especially tonight, don't know why but hey I'm angry, and I wish there was someone that actually could fully understand. I want to meet someone by chance, by accident, its so much cooler that way. It's unexpected. I want an October break to remember but nothing maagical ever happens to me. Just a Juliette waiting on her Romeo.

Dude.. hurry up already.

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  1. Hi, Girl-Bible!! I saw your blog and I think it's awesome. Your background is really pretty and I think the title is super creative ;)