Sunday, 18 April 2010

Such a thing as a blogging spree?

I've been asked to try the old vaseline on the eyelashes that apparently make your lashes longer and fuller. So i will try that for you guys for a little bit, and report on my findings >.< (: @_@
Overhaul on the smileys there. Just an update, and to say if you want me to try any beauty dares, reviews on products or general problem sorting, hit me up. What i mean by that is email me in, it just sounded cooler when i said hit me up ;)

International Tripping.

What is it like to live somewhere else? You can be stuck in what your view is the best place to be. Or you can be stuck somewhere that you just can't deal with anymore. I guess for me its both of those things. Traveling and moving different places is probably a big part of my life and i believe a theory. At least it applies to me haha. You see girls with straight hair alot of the time want gorgeous curls, and girls with curly locks admire straight sleekness of others. I think it applies to other things too, like moving for example? Its of course a great experience but losing friends and familiarities- its a hell of a lot to go through right? But what really kills is being in one great place, and moving somewhere where even if you DO have close friends and all that, it just isn't the same, you feel trapped. School and whatnot are different everywhere and fitting in for me can take up to years. I still feel kinda awkward, and i hate it, cause im not an awkward person. Sometimes I think i'd kill to just have a normal high school experience back in the states where i was born cause i just can't stand it here. Don't get me wrong i'm not a ingrate brat hahah but i guess what i'm saying is (bring on the cheese) Be thankful for what you have, someone, somewhere, would kill for that.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Coffee Boosts Your Hair Color?

Kay so i read a story that coffee is supposed to boost the color of darker hair. So frankly this better work because i smell of coffee, have coffee grains in my hair, and my tub is coffee stained. Okay so maybe i didn't do it COMPLETELY right but hey.. i'm sure it all ends the same. Guys if you want to try this I BEG that you at least attempt to do it right, there was SO no thinking on my part. I used the wrong kind of coffee. If your trying this make sure whatever you do you strain your coffee. Now i dont know how to stress that enough besides putting it in bold, but it is heellll, to get coffee grains out of your hair. No joke. I'll blog back on how this works out for me. But if you wanna know this is how you do it...
1) Brew any type of plain coffee and let it cool.
2) They never mentioned this BUT PLEASE STRAIN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
3) Pour enough coffee over DRY hair untill hair is soaked, then comb through.
4)Cover your head with a plastic shower cap and let rinse set for 20 - 30 mins.
5) Rinse well and shampoo. Give your hair a final rinse with cold water to maximise shine.

Good luck Mein Chicass x

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Boys. They’re infuriating, clueless, reasons for most girls’ pain. So why, if they are so useless, is it that we keep running back to them, give them the time of day, or waste tub after tub of Ben and Jerry’s just getting over them? Because when you get a good catch it is worth all the trouble and trauma. You feel you have someone to talk to that listens, someone to look in their eyes tell them you love them and mean it. Someone to share jokes, stories and love with. There are fights, of course, but really, at the end of the day he’s still there to even it out and watch your favourite movies, smiling a lopsided smile at you the whole time. He holds you in your arms, and (maybe it’s over exaggerating) you feel like you are all that matters. Quirks, mystery and open eyes draw you in, but what is there to let you go? There’s enough Ben and Jerry’s for the rest of the world, and although it patches things up, there’s still the fact you’d take him back if you could. So that’s why we ‘waste’ our time with them, flirting, smiling, waving, but really it isn’t a waste is it? Those who have had it, don’t regret it, those who haven’t want it. So keep checking up and sharing. Love always.