Sunday, 2 May 2010

What colors look good on tanned skin?

So i got this question from one of my followers as a comment. What outfit colors look good on tanned skin? The truth it most things do, as bright colors won't wash you out and dark colors wont look drab. The only kind of color i would avoid is oranges or colors close to your skin as it could look quite awkward. Because your - I'm assuming naturally tanned, you should take advantage and wear anything from whites to brights. When going for bathing suits, solid brights, and printed darker colors will attract attention and create a nice offset. Colored nails also look great with tan skin. Here neutral outfits work on this type of skin-
goldish bronzy makeup works with this type of look and doesnt make you look orange as you already have the tanned glow.
Here though, you see the bright color works with her tanned skin but i would go with more toned down makeup for a brighter look (:
So bright nails, bronzy complimenting makeup, i would avoid too bright on the face. You have the skin, so get the attention!

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    another question.....
    what nail color can i use ?????