Sunday, 18 April 2010

Such a thing as a blogging spree?

I've been asked to try the old vaseline on the eyelashes that apparently make your lashes longer and fuller. So i will try that for you guys for a little bit, and report on my findings >.< (: @_@
Overhaul on the smileys there. Just an update, and to say if you want me to try any beauty dares, reviews on products or general problem sorting, hit me up. What i mean by that is email me in, it just sounded cooler when i said hit me up ;)


  1. hey!!!

    ur blogs awesome for girls like me who have no clue about fashion

    any tips on what colors would suit tanned skin???

    also...... check out my blog its not as cool as yours but still.....

  2. hi !!!!

    its me again........

    i have a hair dare for ya !!!!

    try shaving your hair off to see if it grows back looking better !!!!!!!