Friday, 2 April 2010

Coffee Boosts Your Hair Color?

Kay so i read a story that coffee is supposed to boost the color of darker hair. So frankly this better work because i smell of coffee, have coffee grains in my hair, and my tub is coffee stained. Okay so maybe i didn't do it COMPLETELY right but hey.. i'm sure it all ends the same. Guys if you want to try this I BEG that you at least attempt to do it right, there was SO no thinking on my part. I used the wrong kind of coffee. If your trying this make sure whatever you do you strain your coffee. Now i dont know how to stress that enough besides putting it in bold, but it is heellll, to get coffee grains out of your hair. No joke. I'll blog back on how this works out for me. But if you wanna know this is how you do it...
1) Brew any type of plain coffee and let it cool.
2) They never mentioned this BUT PLEASE STRAIN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
3) Pour enough coffee over DRY hair untill hair is soaked, then comb through.
4)Cover your head with a plastic shower cap and let rinse set for 20 - 30 mins.
5) Rinse well and shampoo. Give your hair a final rinse with cold water to maximise shine.

Good luck Mein Chicass x

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