Sunday, 18 April 2010

International Tripping.

What is it like to live somewhere else? You can be stuck in what your view is the best place to be. Or you can be stuck somewhere that you just can't deal with anymore. I guess for me its both of those things. Traveling and moving different places is probably a big part of my life and i believe a theory. At least it applies to me haha. You see girls with straight hair alot of the time want gorgeous curls, and girls with curly locks admire straight sleekness of others. I think it applies to other things too, like moving for example? Its of course a great experience but losing friends and familiarities- its a hell of a lot to go through right? But what really kills is being in one great place, and moving somewhere where even if you DO have close friends and all that, it just isn't the same, you feel trapped. School and whatnot are different everywhere and fitting in for me can take up to years. I still feel kinda awkward, and i hate it, cause im not an awkward person. Sometimes I think i'd kill to just have a normal high school experience back in the states where i was born cause i just can't stand it here. Don't get me wrong i'm not a ingrate brat hahah but i guess what i'm saying is (bring on the cheese) Be thankful for what you have, someone, somewhere, would kill for that.

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